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No Terrain You Can't Tackle

By Russ Bassdozer

MOJO'S HIGH PERFORMANCE SINKER SYSTEMS include six designs: the Slipshot, Carolina Slider, Rockhopper, Rig Saver, Pineapple Downshot, and Drop Shot Dream sinkers. Each Mojo sinker design excels at a different application. Used together as a complete high performance system, there isn't any terrain you can't tackle.

Mojo Lure Company - A Twenty Year Odyssey

In the mid-eighties in Southern California, anglers were discovering that light lines, tiny splitshots and diminutive soft plastics would win tournaments. This may not sound so revolutionary now, but it was back in the mid-eighties when a whole new paradigm of light tackle tournament angling, called finesse fishing, evolved out of Southern California.


Mojo's original thin Slipshot sinker was embraced as a new breakthrough for pioneering finesse anglers in the mid-eighties. Whereas round splitshot were being crimped on and could weaken the line, Mojo's new (at that time) Slipshot sinker used rubber strands to cushion the line to help prevent breakage. Whereas a round splitshot could snag constantly, the long thin Mojo shape would slide right through snags.

By the mid-nineties, Southeastern pros had begun winning tournaments with the Mojo Rig as well. Some had toured through California on the tournament trails or they knew California pros who shared the secret. Although created for California's clear water, small offerings and light lines, the Southeast pros discovered a true treasure - the thin Mojo Rig was the best of all sinkers for snaking through thick weed growth with big baits and heavy line. What a breakthrough for fishing thick vegetation!

Bassdozer says: "I've put most every type of soft bait out there on a Slipshot rig at one time or another. But what makes me smile most is to put a 4-inch 9S-series or 5-inch 9-series Senko about a foot behind a Slipshot. As the Senko makes that initial fall, as it drops off a shady ledge, over the side of a rock or into a bush or tree, the Slipshot rig imparts the coolest dying spiral of a mortally-wounded baitfish that's lost all control as it careens to the bottom in a zigzag tailspin.

Even in deep open water, when you repeatedly lift it high up into the water column and let it fall, bass belt the spiraling Senko as it flip-flops and gyrates recklessly back down behind the Slipshot - or whack it when the active Senko settles to rest on bottom. It's my favorite Slipshot bait."

In recent years, Mojo has continued to innovate advanced snag-free sinker designs. Mojo's most unique designs are patented. Anglers can only get these high performance sinkers from Mojo. Each Mojo sinker design excels at a different application. Used together as a complete system, there is no terrain you cannot tackle.

Carolina Slider

The Carolina Slider is a heavier (up to one ounce) version of the Slipshot. Awesome for unloading those long-distance Carolina casts and getting into the strike zone fast on deep water structure. MOJO's Carolina Slider can get through rough terrain that would stop bulkier Carolina sinkers dead in their tracks.

 The Carolina Slider can be pegged in place on the line using the line-cushioning Mojo rubber strands. In this set-up, no bead or swivel is required and only one knot - to tie the hook. Of course, the Carolina Slider can also be rigged to slide freely on the line using the traditional bead and swivel Carolina-rigging method.


You will snag far less in rocks and brush with a Rockhopper. It may not look like a lot of technology has gone into it, but don't let that fool you. It's no ordinary sinker. It is computer-engineered and full of scientific leverage principles to survive the worst snags. Mojo's Rockhopper can get through rocks and wiry brush bottoms that eat most other sinkers alive.

The trick to not getting stuck with a Rockhopper is this - when it won't pull out and the rod tip starts to load up on a snag, simply drop the rod tip, mending slack into the line. Then simply pick the rod tip up. This incredibly easy maneuver works much better than pulling against the snag with all your might. The rod drop lets the Rockhopper sidestep the snag rather than muscle its way through it.

Bassdozer says: "I am continually amazed at what the Rockhopper can get through. It impressed me first on Lake Powell, Utah, a huge impoundment above the Grand Canyon that's totally rock, rock, rock from top to bottom. Lake Pleasant, Arizona next impressed me, but for a different reason, because the bottom there is flooded cocklebur brush fields. The Rockhopper got through Pleasant's wiry brush fields no problem.

Also impressive was Clear Lake, California, which has upheavals of jagged, jumbled lava rock Clear Lake holds a notorious reputation for burying jigs and sinkers with Davey Jones. But incredibly, on a six-day trip there, not one Rockhopper went to a watery grave. I scratched and crawled Clear Lake's sharp lava rock bottom with the same two Rockhopper sinkers (a 3/8 and a 1/2 oz) for six days without losing either. This was a severe test since the majority of bites came when the Rockhopper had to kick its way through Clear Lake's very roughest rock bottom patches. Few bites were encountered on smooth bottom. Both Rockhoppers made it through the week alive."

Rig Saver

The Rig Saver lets you fish the worst snags imaginable - snags which often are chock full of bass! The sinker is designed to pull off the soft wire insert before your line breaks. Although you may sacrifice your sinker, you may save your rig, hook and lure. Simply re-rig a new wire and sinker. You won't believe how fast you can be back in the water! That's what Mojo calls fishing efficiency. Less time snagged. Less time retying. More time with your bait in the strike zone.

Bassdozer says: "There are troublesome days, I don't know why,  when it feels the water is grinding a sinker or rig down onto the bottom much too hard, and you are going to get snagged like the dickens such days. Changing current, wind, boat drift are easy-to-understand factors that can cause a sinker or rig to fish right or wrong from day to day. Yet there are other factors I can't say why, some days there may not be much discernable current or wind, when a rig or sinker isn't fishing well and will get snagged much too much. I recall a few autumns ago, I had stayed on a heavy run of smallmouth ten days straight with the same Slipshot sinker, just sliding it up the line and re-tying as the leader trace got chafed. The eleventh day, a cold front came in but otherwise nothing noticeable had changed - except that I snagged and broke off six Slipshot rigs that eleventh day. Call me an eleven day loser if you must. Those troublesome days and spots are when and where the Rig Saver comes into play. You'll lose your sinker, maybe several, but save the rest of the rig."

Pineapple Down Shot

Perfect for light line dropshot fishing with an exposed hook to catch those pressure biters. The swivel clips on the line securely without a knot. The Pineapple's long thin shape can often get through snags that would grab and keep round or teardrop-shaped drop shot sinkers.

Bassdozer says: "Dropshot is a technique I use both deep and shallow. Deep water tends to be more open and more snag-free. Even if deep snaggy cover exists, you cannot always hit it precisely with a cast. For these conditions (relatively open bottom too deep to see/hit snaggy cover), I tend to use spinning gear, 6 to 8 lb. line (always fluorocarbon), and a short-shank Gamakatsu Splitshot/Dropshot hook. I keep the hook point exposed in one of three different spots:

  1. nose-hooked (in the head)
  2. wacky-rigged (in the middle)
  3. cuckoo-rigged (in between the head and the middle)

For example, I like to nose-hook Yamamoto Kreatures. I prefer to wacky-rigged Senkos. I cuckoo-rig Yamamoto's Flat Tails or Kut Tails, meaning I pin the hook in their shoulder sections.

To dropshot with light line and exposed hooks, I tend to use the Pineapple Down Shot sinkers."

Drop Shot Dream

Do you dream about being able to dropshot the worst snags imaginable? Snags which often are chock full of bass? Without any swivels, clips, eyelets or other protrusions, and thanks to its long, thin shape, this sinker is truly the dropshotter's dream. And when you eventually do snag, the sinker and wire are designed to release off the line under pressure before your line breaks. You may sacrifice your sinker, but you save your rig, hook and lure. Simply re-rig another sinker and keep fishing. Truly the dropshotter's dream!

Bassdozer says: In shallow water, for fishing in cover like wood, brush, rocks, weeds or reeds, you can dropshot using the same medium to medium/heavy baitcasting rod, same line (for instance, 16 lb. fluorocarbon), and same offset shank hooks as you do to Texas or Carolina rig. You can also dropshot bigger baits, anything you would Texas or Carolina rig. One of my favorites is to Texas rig a Yamamoto Hula grub on a heavy dropshot rig, which I call the Hawaii Rig.

When using medium to medium/heavy gear in shallow water where you can often aim right into the heart of the worst thick cover, I tend to use the Dropshot Dream sinker.

Forum for More Mojo Information

Would you like more information on how best to use Mojo's High Performance Sinker Systems? Ask questions, post your comments or share your Mojo rigging tips on the interactive question and answer forum at

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