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The Strike - Tarpon

Surf Fishing Articles

Decisions...Striped Bass
Art shown by permission of WildWings Gallery & Mark Susinno

Welcome! You will find some good articles here to help you increase your knowledge, enjoyment and success in surf fishing. Please enjoy! Do you have a surf fishing article? If so, please email Thank you.

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Surf Plugology Metal lips, plastic lips, needlefish, topwaters and more

Danny Pichney Plug Collection See one of the largest Danny Pichney plug collections

BD Plastic Lip Minnows One of the newest (and best) plastic lip plugs for the surf


Ghost Fish! The stuff of dreams...that came true once

Demystifying the Beach Learn how to read any sandy beach

Crabs, Clams, & Snappers How to survive the August doldrums

Beaching Fish How to safely land and release fish in the high surf

Bass Holes There are bass holes, and then there are bass holes


Picking Pork Rind There really aren't too many options here


How to Select Lure Colors So many colors, so little time

Eels - Live, Rigged & Skins

Eelskin Jigs & Squids An introduction to the deadliest jigs of all


How to make a long-handled gaff It's a required tool for inlet jetties


Needlefish History Read how the modern needlefish plug was reinvented

Plastic Lip Swimmers

BD Plastic Lip Minnows One of the newest (and best) plastic lips for the surf

Bend the Lip How to make a super vee waker for explosive action

Tying a Load on How to load hollow plastic lip swimming plugs


Pencil Poppers How to whip big bass into a murderous frenzy

Soft Plastics

Soft Plastics are Fantastic Here's four lures that cream schoolies

Creme Lit'l Fishie Shad It's a super copy of small shad and butterfish

Slug-Go Tips ...with black bean sauce


Tradition of Feathers You've gotta tease them to please them

Shrimp Teasers for Weakfish It's a spring thing


Wader Wisdom Tips for picking the perfect pair of waders for you


Goldies What can I tell you about weakfish?

Links to great articles at other sites

Fishing-Boating Online A number of articles on saltwater

In-Fisherman Top Freshwater Striped Bass Locations

Nor'east Saltwater Over 13 articles, mostly NY inshore fly fishing

New England Surfcaster Close to 50 articles by various contributors

Striped Bass - Annual Atlantic Coast Highlights by NMFS

Striped Bass - San Francisco Bay DFG reports on the Delta population

StripersOnline Over 10 good articles on surf fishing Over 35 surf fishing articles by various contributors

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